AlwayBeautifulClothing - Milkaphotography

Below are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing clothing for your Always Beautiful holiday mini-session. Color is important. Our background is black. Colors that will translate to middle gray in black-and-white (such as pastels, grays) tend to work well. Avoid dark colors (such as black, navy or deep red) so that you don’t blend into the black background. Also try to avoid pure white as it will compete for attention with you in the photos.

Wear solids or subtle patterns. This ensures that you are the focal point of the photograph. It is best to avoid busy or bold patterns (such as wide strips or logos).

For photos with more than one person make sure that everyone is not wearing the same exact color (shades of the same color are ok).

Please feel free to contact me via text or email with a photo of your planned outfits if you need assistance in finalizing your choices.



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